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Messed up with your back while driving, There is a solution up out “Fego Float”. It is a bike accessory which can easily equip to seats of any bike. Most of the bikers suffer from backaches by driving on worst roads or stuck in traffic for a long time. Fego Float is a new technology which includes air suspension which has the ability to reduce the sudden movement on worst roads also, it avoids jerks up to 46% and avoids sweat so not just ride on road float on road. It not only helps you with physical pain but also takes care of your appearance. The new Fego Float is made of genuine leather high-quality mesh and bottom anti-skid material, two straps to tie it up to stock seat and available in two colour variants for you. It not only take care of your butt
but also look unique on road. Mainly, Cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore is well known for terrific traffic jams and bikers go home with a lot of frustration and tiredness. Fego Float helps to get rid of that and fego float is not only for bikes but can equip for the car as well.








Oldage People:

Physically old age would be so weak although they want to travel. Fego float can reduce their tiredness and keep them fresh and comfortable.

Pregnant Women:

While driving on the worst roads the vehicle jerks and pressure falls on the back and also abdomen it may lead to miscarriage this can prevent by equipping  Fego float.

Long drivers:

People who travel long distances suffer from a backache and feel tired by traveling for a long time.It will make them feel like flying on a bike.


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